The MLM Revolution

A Manifesto by Randy Gage

Join the movement for a new era in Network Marketing, as we join forces to move from the past and into a new future of challenge, growth, and empowerment. This shocking, contentious, and insightful document reveals the real truth about our profession—from the deceitful practices that no one wants to talk about, to the heartwarming vision of the change we can become.

Randy Gage takes a wrecking ball to the conventional and dated practices of the past and challenges us all to lock arms and boldly create a new way of doing business—and life—to build the best future for the network marketing profession.

Randy Gage can’t be bought, can’t be tamed, and he’s not afraid to speak out. Get this controversial document and the bold new dialogue will begin.

If you were sent to this page, you are in the select group of influencers, agents of change, and critical thinkers charged with starting the movement. Download the The MLM Manifesto below. Then it will be your job to spread the message, continue the conversation, and become the change our profession so desperately demands.

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Read “The MLM Revolution” for yourself and:

Viva the Revolution!

  1. Step One: Download “The MLM Revolution” here.
    The MLM Revolution

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  2. Step Two: Read it and circulate it to everyone you know of influence in our profession. Start the movement for the change we need. Tell them to get their copy at
  3. Step Three: Begin the dialogue, by checking in with your thoughts, insights, and opinions on the MLM Success Blog.
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The MLM Revolution